Herba-Plastic Ldt.

Herba-Plastic Ldt.
Grellingerstrasse 37
4208 CH-4208 Nunningen
Telephone: +41 61 795 95 95


1920: "Kamm- und Celluloidwarenfabrik A.-G."
1945: "Kammfabrik Herba Ltd."

1975: Herba-Plastic AG, Nunningen: The company, now Herba-Plastic AG, was once again fully owned by the founding family. Years of prosperity and growth followed.

1995: 75-year anniversary: Major 75-year anniversary. All expansion phases completed. Company reorganised. Company enters the markets of protection equipment and safety.

Frelaplast Ltd. in Köniz was fully integrated into Herba-Plastic Ltd in 2011. (Gilso Group)

Today: 4 companies in the Gilso Group